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Extreme Geomagnetic storm (G5)!
Five Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) from an extremely hyperactive sunspot region of the Sun (AR3664) crashed into our atmosphere in the late evening of 10th of May. Their arrival was immediately detected by our non-optical instruments. In addition, our Norwegian satellites HYPSO-1, NORSAT-TD and SelfieSat-1 lost up to 2 km of altitude during the event. According to radio amateur Stig Onarheim, HF radio communication was totally blocked, and hut owner Sverre Mejlœnder-Larsen at Vindodden reported extreme low internet connectivity to Starlink. Way South, jaw-dropping auroras were observed during dark sky night conditions.

15 May, 2024

Professor Lisa Baddeley!
Salute! We congratulate Lisa on becoming a full Professor in Space physics at the Geophysical department at UNIS. She has become a top dog in experimental radar applications.
Well done, Lisa!
26 January, 2024

Black CMOS aurora
On 9th of January, we tested a Black silicon CMOS development kit from the company SIONYX for the first time. A snapshot image of a low intensity (1-2 kR) red colored post noon auroral arc was identified as soon as we turned the system on. The camera operated at impressive 90 frames / second with only 11 msec exposure time. The test is part of the new design of a Near Infra-Red (NIR) hyperspectral imager. See more info here.
9 January, 2024