Hyperspectral tracker (Fs-Ikea)


University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)

Scientific objectives
The instrument is a narrow field of view hyperspectral pushbroom imager. A front optical mirror system enables it to track any objects on the night sky as a function of wavelength throughout the visible spectrum.

Instrument specifications
(A) Spectrograph: FS-IKEA
Spectral range: 420-700nm
Bandpass: ~1nm
Collimator lens: 250mm
Entrance Slit-width: 0.250mm
Grating: 600 lines/mm
Camera lens: 50mm
Detector head: Andor Luca R (EMCCD)
Resolution: 1004 x 1002
Exposure time: ~1s per spectrogram
Front lens: Zeiss Planar F/1.4 85mm ZF.

(B) All-Sky scanner:
Type: 2xfirst surface mirrors
Azimuth range: 360o
Zenith angle: 90o
Aperture: ~10 inch.
Resolution: 0.0003o
Accuracy: 0.05o

PI: Fred Sigernes
Address: UNIS, P.O. Box 156,
N-9171 Longyearbyen, Norway
E-mail: fred@unis.no
Phone/Fax: +47 79023335/01

Photo of the Fs-Ikea spectrograph optics
The Fs-Ikea spectrograph-protective covers off. Panel (A): (1) Front lens, (2) Slit housing, (3) Collimator, (4) Flat surface mirror, (5) Reflective grating, and (6) Camera lens. Panel (B): All-Sky scanner