All-Sky Airglow Imager


Kyoto University

Scientific objectives
The instrument is designed to image emissions from excited atomic oxygen at 630.0 nm and 557.7 nm. The main objective is to study how the polar cap patch (detected at 630.0 nm) changes in shape, and how its change is related to the electron precipitation in the cusp/low-latitude boundary layer, which is seen at either wavelength. We promote a better understanding of the ionospheric instability and its control of the plasma structuring in the polar cap.

Photo of the all-sky airglow camera
Photo of the UEC all-sky airglow camera

PI: Satoshi Taguchi
Address: Kyoto University, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto, 606-8502, JAPAN

Instrument specifications
Manufacturer: Nikon
Name: ASI-2
Front Lens: Nikon
Spatial coverage: All sky view - FOV 180 deg.
Detector: Hamamatsu EMCCD 512x512 pixels
Time resolution: 1 - 2s!
Cooling: -65 deg.
Resolution: 16 bits
Filter wheel:
[CH1] Blocked (dark images)
[CH2] Bandpass filter @ 630.0 nm
[CH3] Bandpass filter @ 557.7 nm
[CH4] Bandpass filter @ 552.5 nm