All-Sky Video camera


University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)

Scientific objectives
Instrument is designed to do real time low light video monitoring of the sky to study cloud cover, light pollution and aurora during dark sky conditions.

The instrument is based on a commercial available video camera and a fish-eye lens (low cost).

PI: Fred Sigernes
Address: UNIS, P.O. Box 156,
N-9171 Longyearbyen, Norway
Phone/Fax: +47 79023335/01

Photo of the Stellacam II all-sky camera components
Instrument specifications
[1] Camera: WATEC 120N+
[2] Control box: Gain & Frame accumulation
[3] Lens: Fujinon C-mount F/1.4 (185 degree circular)
Spatial coverage: All sky
Resolution: PAL 704 x 576 pixels
Video Server: Axis 2401+
Time resolution: 25 frames / second
Spectral resolution: Monochrome