All-Sky Imager


Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)

Scientific objectives
The all-sky camera will be used to continuously monitor the high-latitude auroral forms. Similar cameras will be installed in northern Finland to monitor the auroral zone. Data from these cameras together with magnetometer data from IMAGE magnetometer network will be used to study the auroral morphology, precipitation patterns, and ionospheric currents during both magnetically disturbed and quiet times. Especially, the Svalbard camera will be used to monitor the polar arcs that occur during northward and dayside auroral forms related to the cusp.

Photo of the FMI all-sky camera

PI: Kirsti Kauristie
Address: Finnish Meteorological Institute, Space Research, P.O.Box 503, FIN-00101 Helsinki, Finland
Phone/Fax: +358 9 19291/+358 9 19294603

Co-PI: Kari Pajunpää
Address: Finnish Meteorological Institute,..

Instrument specifications
Time resolution: 20 s for 557.7 nm and 60 s for 427.8 and 630.0 nm.
Spatial coverage: Circle 300 km radius (280 000 km2)
Spatial resolution: CCD 512x512x8 pixels
Spectral resolution: Max 7 bands of 2.0 nm
Intensity resolution: 8 bits