Year Link - Description
1980 Nordlysstasjonen i Adventdalen - samples from the 80's
1990 Nordlysstasjonen i Adventdalen - samples from the 90's
2003 30th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies
2007 Construction & Scenario from building the Observatory
Snowcat / beltwagon in action - logistics
2008 The Scifer 2 rocket campaign
Auroral sample images
Covers by Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH
Inspection: Have all the snow melted?
Aerial: Bird view by Jorgen Lenk
Compass view by tracker camera
2009 Snow drift after Eastern
Hot Dog Club
2010 Dome covers off
AGF-345 field work by Njål Gulbrandsen
RENU rocket campaign
2011 Dome covers on
Google Earth snow mobile
2012 Dome covers off
2013 Dr. Tatyana Kornilova Auroral art impressions
2014 Journalist Kim Andreassen visits KHO
2014 Video from DSLR images on 21. Des. 2014
2015 Snow mapping by drones
Påls eclipse telescope
RENU 2 rocket campaign
Nooras eclipse photos
KHO and SuperDARN site
SPEAR site and fibre cables
SuperDARN masts
SuperDARN site inventory
SuperDARN construction
SuperDARN power and fibre
2016 KHO roof damage after Storm
2017 360 image of the aurora
2018 Hyperspectral drone tests
Dome cover on day
2019 Research Minister visit
2021 Aurora Forecast 3D demo lecture
A video visit to the observatory
How to take pictures of the Aurora
A bird view of the Kjell Henriksen Observatory
Why study Aurora?
Will the compass needle swing due to Aurora?
2022 A Crash Course in Aurora (11 minutes)