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StatusAvalanche cleared up and road is open to Mine 7. 24.02.2017
Doctor Xiangcai Chen
Salute! Xiangcai Chen will defended his PhD thesis titled: "A study of dayside open/closed field line boundary dynamics using simultaneous ground-based optical and HF radar observations". The defense is on Tuesday 28th of February 2017.
Doctora S. E. Holmen
We are proud to announce that Silje Eriksen Holmen has defended her PhD thesis "Trends and variability of polar mesopause region temperatures attributed to atmospheric dynamics and solar activity". The defense was on Tuesday 19th of December 2016.
Aurora Forecast 3D released
The new auroral forecast is now released. It is a cross-platform app for both Android and Windows computers. It is published on Google Play for android phones (version 4.0 and up). It forecasts the aurora oval up to +0, +1, and +4 hours ahead in time at any location on the planet using a 3D graphical layout.
Storm ripped off our roof!
The storm on Monday 7th of November ripped off half of our roof of the service section. It took off and landed 50m away from KHO towards Eiscat, right on top of the new magnetometer from PRIC. The Sensor survived the attack. Five minute average wind speeds were up to 30 m/s out of the Bolterdalen valley towards North. The Company Svalbard Bygg As has started the repairs.
See damage: [Images]