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Exceptional image!
The CAPER-2 rocket launch was captured by pilot Eivind Trondsen on the Lufttransport Dornier 228 flight from Ny-┼lesund to Longyearbyen. The sun illuminated rocket trail is seen towards the south horizon as the rocket penetrates the upper layers of the atmosphere.
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U.S. Ambassador to Norway
We are proud to announce that the U.S. Ambassador to Norway and former Rear Admiral United States Navy Kenneth J. Braithwaite has visited KHO. He was informed about our long standing relation and excellent co-operation with U.S. space science.
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CAPER-2 rocket launched!
Today at 09:26:58 UT the Cusp Alfven and Plasma Electrodynamics Rocket-2 (CAPER-2) was launched from And°ya over Svalbard into perfect optical cusp conditions as seen from KHO.
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