Scientific personnel



Fred Sigernes Prof. UNIS / Head of KHO
Mikko Syrjäsuo Head engineer KHO
Noora Partamies Associate Prof.
Dag A. Lorentzen Prof. UNIS
Lisa Baddeley Associate Prof.
Emma Bland Researcher
Erkka Heino Post Doc
Katie Herlingshaw PhD.
Lindis Bjoland Post Doc
Fasil Tesema Kebede PhD.
Nina Kristine Eriksen PhD. Student
Charlotte van Hazendonk PhD. Student

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Technical Department On-Duty Phone (ODP): +47 95283511

Norwegian State Construction Contact (Jørgen Jahr):
Phone: +47 90578011

Importance notification regarding visitor requests (tourists)
KHO is operated remotely through internet. That means we are not up there every day. It takes approximately 30 minutes to drive by car in the summer season from Longyearbyen. In the winter season we use a snow cat (bandwagon) that we have in a garage at Mine 7. The reason is that the road from Mine 7 to KHO is blocked by snow. A trip up in the winter time takes 30 minutes extra including personnel for safety and logistics. In total that sums up to half a day work load for at least 2 persons to accommodate visitors to KHO. As a consequence, we do not have the capacity to serve external, tourist based request for visits to the observatory. It is also a cost issue. Sorry!

Media requests
Please contact UNIS media department at least one month ahead in time.