Realtime quick looks

All sky video UNIS Yes
Sony a7s all sky UNIS Yes
Airglow imager UNIS Yes
All sky xpress University College London (UCL) Yes
All sky imager Univeristy in Oslo (UiO) Yes
Magnetometer University of Tromsø (UiTø) Yes
GPS logger UNIS Yes
MSP keogram UNIS Yes
MSP stack plot UNIS Yes
Color allsky DSLR NIPR / Tohoku University Yes
ASG keogram NIPR / Tohoku University Yes
SIF Spectrograph University of Southampton / UCL Yes
Narrow FOV cam UNIS Yes
1/2m White UiTø Yes
1m Silver UNIS Yes
1m Green UNIS Yes
Campaign mode
The Fs-Ikea UNIS No
BACC Boreal Aurora Camera Constellation
Camera 1 Longyearbyen (KHO) Yes
Camera 2 Ny-Ålesund (UiO) Repair
Camera 3 Kevo (FMI) Test
Camera 4 Muonio (FMI) Test

* Optical instruments are active in the dark season only (Nov-Feb).

Keograms and overview of UNIS recorded data
Keograms of UNIS instruments
Recorded UNIS instruments
Recorded spectral lines/ranges

Geomagnetic Data - Interactive Database UiTø
Environmental Weather Data - Interactive Database UNIS
Meridian Scanning Photometer (MSP) - Quicklooks UNIS
All-sky Imager (MIRACLE network) - FMI
Color allsky images (dSLR) - Quicklooks NIPR

BACC keograms
[Longyearbyen] [Ny-Ålesund]