Instruments in operation

Optical Instruments
All-Sky Imager University of Oslo (UiO)
All-Sky Camera University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)
All-Sky Colour Imager University College London (UCL)
BACC All-Sky Color CameraUNIS
Sony a7s All-sky Camera UNIS
All-Sky Airglow Camera UNIS
Auroral Spectrograph (ASG) National Institute of Polar Research Japan (NIPR)
Spectrographic Imaging Facilities (SIF) University of Southampton / Univeristy College London (UCL)
Meridian Scanning Photometer UNIS
1 m 'Silver' Ebert-Fastie Spectrometer UNIS
1 m 'Green' Ebert-Fastie Spectrometer UNIS
1/2 m 'Black' Ebert-Fastie Spectrometer UNIS
1/2 m 'White' Ebert-Fastie Spectrometer University of Tromsø (UiTø)
Imaging Fabry-Perot Interferometer UCL
Scanning Doppler Imager UCL
Monochromatic Auroral Imager Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC)
All-Sky Airglow Imager Kyoto University
Hyperspectral tracker (Fs-Ikea) UNIS
All-Sky hyperspectral camera UNIS
Celestron 14" Telescope UNIS
Narrow field of view sCMOS tracker UNIS
Meridian Imaging Svalbard Spectrograph UNIS

Radio Instruments
Fluxgate Magnetometer UiTø
2-axis Search-coil Magnetometer Augsburg College and University of New Hampshire
64-beam Imaging Riometer Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI)
Auroral Radio Spectrograph Tohoku University
GNSS Receiver Nagoya University
HF acquisition systemInstitute of Radio Astronomy / UiTø
Balloon Telemetry StationNobile/Amundsen-Stratospheric Balloon Center /
Italian Space Agency
Scintillation and TEC receiverUniversity of Bergen (UiB)
Beacon satellite receiver unitFMI
Fluxgate MagnetometerPRIC
Induction MagnetometerPRIC
Longyearbyen IonosondeUNIS