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Space Physics Data Pages:
Storm Weather Center Aurora Forcast
Space Weather Resources
ACE - Solar Wind Data
STEREO Space Weather
STEREO vs ACE - Solar Wind Data
WIND - Solar Wind Data
DMSP - Auroral Particles and Imagery
CLUSTER - Quicklook Data
SuperDARN - Ionospheric Convection
EISCAT - Ionospheric Radar
IMAGE - Magnetometer Data
WDC Kyoto - AE, Dst Indexes
NiCT 27-day Carrington rotation plots
NASA's Coordinated Data Analysis Web
National Climatic Data Center (U.S.)

Rocket launch links
Solar Dynamics Observatory
Eiscat 24hr

Useful phone numbers etc.:
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Space Physics Research Groups:
Network Groundbased Optical Auroral Res.
The Auroral Observatory in Tromsø
Oslo: Plasma and Space Physics
Geophysical institute, University of Alaska
Andøya Rocket Range
Kongsberg Satellite Services
Birkeland Centre for Space Science (BCSS)
Norwegian Center for Space Weather
Keo Scientific Ltd

Svalbard Links:
Svalbardposten - local newspaper
Svalbard info and news (Norwegian)
Longyearbyen School (Norwegian)
UNIS Auroral mobile App

Arctic Related:
Norwegian Polar Institute
University of the Arctic